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Out of the Square

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Port of NewcastleThe Mental Health Movement

Everyone has a story, is a mental health initiative and started as a collaboration between two founding partners, Out of the Square (OOTS) and Molycop. Together they built a passion project to share personal stories, to help build common ground amongst employees to reduce the stigma around mental illness. With the knowledge mental health challenges reached all of us in some way, they partnered and drove this project to benefit others.

Everyone Has a Story, was originally founded in 2020, involving local industrial organisations in the Hunter region. In 2021, it grew to include a wider range of diverse businesses across a variety of industries. In 2022, as a result of broader interest and demand, Everyone Has a Story enters a new chapter opening up to all industries, organisations and community groups within the Hunter Region.

Out of the Square (OOTS) is a highly regarded Newcastle based Creative Agency driven by a desire to ‘give back’ when they can. Established in 1997, with a talented team of 24 their ‘day job’ is delivering successful creative marketing solutions for both National and Regional clients.

Beyond this OOTS are well known for their pro bono Passion Projects giving back to help others and promoting their much loved Hunter Region at every opportunity. They have been acknowledged by both Business Hunter and the Newcastle Business Club through multiple awards for their relentless efforts.

Everyone has a Story is very much a passion project dear to their hearts, knowing mental health challenges touch us all in someway it was paramount they partnered and helped drive this project to benefit others.

For our region to be the success story it should be, it is paramount we support the people within it wherever we can. The purpose of the initiative is to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, build common ground amongst people, and normalise that Everyone Has a Story – and we want to get that message to as many people as possible!




We need to tell these stories, we can’t hide behind this anymore. I applaud all the businesses involved in the initiative

 Richard Jones, General Manager – WRHS

We all know that management’s attitudes and behaviours make a substantial difference to the mental health outcomes of working people. Big local employers like these all getting together and working together on this initiative is a terrific thing

Cameron Wright, Organiser – Australian Workers Union