The Why.

Unfortunately, mental illness is so common. Over 1 in 4 people in the world will be affected by a form of mental illness in their lifetime, and more than 500 million people are currently suffering from a form of mental illness in the world right now. This makes mental disorders among the leading causes of ‘ill-health” and disability worldwide.

Unfortunately, of the total numbers of people experiencing mental illnesses, many of those people will not seek professional help. There is still stigma attached to mental health, particularly in males, so within predominately male dominated industries, it is more important than ever that we focus on the mental wellbeing of our people.
With the global pandemic continuing and social connections at an all-time low in 2020, we knew we had to do something different, and connect our people and local industries in a different way.

Molycop is committed to the overall health and wellbeing of all our employees. An effective modern health and safety system needs to encompass mental health. There are clear business benefits for Molycop too. Employees who feel mentally healthy and supported are typically more engaged and productive at work. Through normalising conversations about mental health, we aim to remove the stigma and give our employees options to seek help if needed. We saw the positive impact that this initiative had in 2020. We are delighted to be expanding the program this year and helping more companies focus on mental health awareness and support. Everyone has a story and sharing them is powerful. These conversations could assist in saving a life” .

Michael Parker, President – Molycop Australia

“Out of the Square recognises we all need to play a role in breaking down barriers and lessening the stigma around talking openly about ‘unseen struggles’. As a creative agency we are fortunate to have a skill set to be able to create communication tools to help others. Having that skill is one thing, actively going out of a commercial comfort zone to do so is another. So we have made a conscious choice to ‘use our powers for good and not evil’ and be part of the change. Everyone has a Story is our vehicle to do so. We have committed to this project all in, as we know if not done from the heart and backed up with genuine action nothing will be achieved. Our love for the Newcastle and the Hunter Region also means we wish to see the healthiest workforce mentally and physically possible to help us all thrive.”

Marty Adnum, Founder & Managing Director – Out of the Square.


Australians die every day by suicide.


of those who take their own life are male.


Over 65,000 Australians make a suicide attempt each year.




Australians are lonely and have no-one to speak to. Lifeline is there to listen.

General Statistics:

  • In 2019, 3,318 Australians took their own life.
  • Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between the ages of 15 and 44.
  • The suicide rate in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is twice that of their non-Indigenous counterparts.
  • People in rural populations are 2 times more likely to die by suicide.
  • LGBTI+ community members experience significantly higher rates of suicide than the rest of the population.
  • For each life lost to suicide, the impacts are felt by up to 135 people, including family members, work colleagues, friends, first responders at the time of death.
  • Males aged 85 and older experience the highest age-specific rate of suicide.
  • Same-gender attracted Australians are estimated to experience up to 14 times higher rates of attempted suicide than their heterosexual peers.

Lifeline’s Own Statistics:

  • Each year, over 1 million Australians reach out to Lifeline for support.
  • Lifeline is up 25% in services since the most recent outbreak of COVID
  • Lifeline has broken it national call rates for history 6 times in the past 3 weeks, now up to an average of 3600 calls per day
  • Lifeline’s 13 11 14 crisis support line receives a call every 30 seconds.
  • Lifeline’s network of 40 centres, 10,000 volunteers, and 1,000 employees provide a lifesaving national infrastructure for those experiencing immense pain and anguish.
  • There are 4,500 Crisis Supporters working with Lifeline so that no person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone.

Everyone has a story is an extremely positive step in the right direction providing a platform for us to share and talk about our mental health. Lifeline Hunter is proud to support this initiative and help support our local community in these difficult times now and in the future

Patrick Calabria, Senior Business Development Manager – Lifeline Direct